Who are we?

Our Mission

Queensland Esports strives to create the opportunity for all high school students to be a part of a competitive eSports environment that aims to inspire, enhance connections between school communities, and connect students with greater educational opportunities and help to develop Esports industry skills.

Our vision

Qld Esports wants to provide students with the opportunity to experience and excel in an eSports environment with the use of leadership, community, and education, as well as give those the opportunity to experience all that the Esports industry has to offer.

Queensland Esports Roadmap

To view a roadmap of Queensland Esports click here:

We aim to grow quite substantially over the next few years, and will update the roadmap frequently to ensure all goals are met.

Our Core Values

We expect all participants in all areas to follow the 4 R’s of online safety:



We have a 0 tolerance policy for players that go against these values, potentially leading to disqualification and other consequences.

Meet the owner

Izak Jamieson- Owner and Creator of Queensland Esports

A few people may have seen me pop up around Brisbane in the last few years with esports, being part of the QUT High Schools Competition, Bond University’s Competition, and the Anglican Schools Esports Competition. I am a 2021 graduate at The Springfield Anglican College and have been the esports captain for two years. I have helped guide my team to many victories and helped to grow the program at my school, creating intraschool and interschool tournaments for my peers.

Ever since being introduced to esports when I was in year 9 (2018), I was instantly hooked. I was very passionate about Rocket League at the time, being in the top 1% in the world, which kind of got me noticed by my school and QUT (where we did competitions at the time). For the next few years myself, along with my friends, competed in Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch tournaments, resulting in us winning a lot of them.

Now that I have graduated high school, I can’t really be a part of that environment anymore, which lead to the creation of Queensland Esports. I want to share the experiences I had and the amount of fun I had over the last few years with as many people as possible, and I want to create smooth running tournaments and competitions for schools and for the public. I will originally be starting small, but I’m aiming big. Esports is something that everyone should experience, not just the people that have enough money for a gaming console or device. Be sure to keep up to date with the website, with tournaments being planned from as early as December 2021. I will be streaming on my existing Twitch platform, which can be found below. Thank you everyone and see you all soon!
– Izak Jamieson